domingo, diciembre 05, 2004

Easy ride

I want the good life
but I don´t want an easy ride
What I want is to work for it
feel the blood and sweat on my fingertips
That´s what I want for me.

I want to know everything
maybe someday I will.
What I want is to find my place
breathe the air and feel the sun on my children´s face.
That´s what I want.

I go round and round just like a circle
I can see a clearer picture
When I touch the ground I come full circle
to my place and I am home
I am home.

I want to let go of all disappointment that´s waiting for me.
What´s I want is to live forever
not defined by time and space.
It´s lonely place
That´s what I want.

I go round and round just
Round and round just


Anonymous Anónimo said...


We need to talk, step into my office, baby.

Ya creía que no iba a leer nada tuyo a parte de comments.

Me gustaría saber mas de ti y darte alguna alegría aparte de animos y buenos deseos (buf que ñoño, ha sonado esto).

Buscame que seguro que me encuentras.



11:54 p. m.  
Blogger martmilgar said...

Ups! jejeje to misterioso pero atractivo bueno po ya te buscaré de todas formas tambien sabes que por aqui estoy. Muchas gracias por los animos

5:43 p. m.  
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